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Klay Thompson The Latest Addition To Never-Ending Celtics Rumor Mill

klay gsw

As expected, the Boston Celtics have found themselves involved in nearly every trade rumor that surfaces this season.

The Celtics are reportedly in the mix for anyone and everyone should their current teams decide itís time to explore a trade, thanks to Bostonís need for a true star and collection of draft picks and young talent. From DeMarcus Cousins to Anthony Davis, it doesnít matter how outrageous or unlikely the rumor actually is, the Celtics are near the forefront in every potential deal.

And on Monday morning thereís a new name to add to the always-growing list, thanks to Celtics analyst Brian Scalabrine, who is now throwing Golden State Warriors forward Klay Thompson into the mix.

Itís a very cryptic statement by Scal (letís not forget, the Milwaukee Bucks also wear green uniforms), but it should come as no surprise that Danny Ainge would hastily pick up the phone upon hearing Thompson is potentially available.

Source : prosportsdaily
11.14.2016 19:25
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