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Tim Duncan's Wife Cheated On Him!

tim duncan wife

Tim Duncan hired a P.I. to catch his wife cheating.

HoopsVibe's Very Quick Call: Everyone always assumes the athletes are the cheaters, but wives cheat too.

More dirt has emerged in the Tim Duncan divorce saga. First, there was the revelation that Tim and Amy were attempting to get a divorce on the sly by using only their initials and not their names on their divorce papers. Now it comes out that Tim hired a private investigator to follow Amy because he believed she was cheating on him.

It's just an assumption these days that if someone in a marriage is cheating it's the guy, especially if the man is a professional athlete. It’s still gossip, but this time it looks like Tim’s wife was the one dipping out. Tim has always been known to be a huge part of the San Antonio community, a big part of his church, and simply an all-around great guy. At this point, it looks like Amy might have played him. Although we still don't know all the details, it appears she was the one doing the dirt.

Source : hoopsvibe
5.26.2013 19:46
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